The Gaudio company is linked to a 3-generation family tradition which is specialized in the interior design field, offering customised kitchen and furniture supply solutions. Gaudio is fully part of the made in Italy scenario departing from its home town, Molfetta, in the province of Bari. Over the years, Gaudio has been particularly keen on innovation and design, while storing its woodworking patrimony. Gaudio deals with the design and manufacturing of exclusive and luxury integrated solutions of architecture and interior design, especially for the kitchen, living room and bathroom area.
Innovation, research, development, quality and finish of materials, ethics and environment are the key points Gaudio believes in.
Gaudio is an eco-friendly company, endowed with a photovoltaic installation, enabling the latter to produce and use green energy. The wood adopted for Gaudio products is drawn from forests and systems which are regularly controlled on the number of cords of wood removed (FSC) and managed in a sustainable way and according to forest principles and certifications, from both an environmental, economic and social point of view. All materials used for Gaudio products are natural, non-toxic, recyclable.
Respect for the environment and for people (both manufacturers and the final client) is the driving force establishing its solidity and with which the company likes to work daily. Ergonomics, ecosustainability, environment, ethics, is what Gaudio is extremely pleased to promote. Gaudio does not apply an assembly line for the conception of its products, but rather places human ability and expertise in the front line.
All Gaudio products are suited to each client’s necessity, in order to improve his/her quality of life, granting safety, comfort and wellbeing. The products are designed and manufactured in Italy, by skilled technicians operating on advanced devices and numerical control machines. All this takes place in combination with a handcrafted tradition of experienced cabinet-makers. As an eco-friendly company, Gaudio does not make use of any toxic elements for its products which are entirely made from wood (both inside and out). Gaudio’s veneers are water-based while for its lacquered solutions a mixed cycle is used.
Gaudio design project is where ideas take shape! 100% design, prototyping, industrial development and engineering. Here, young architects and designers are driven to develop new products and typologies in the interior design field. Gaudio’s exclusive clients are able to obtain personalized answers, aimed at achieving unique, recognizable, unbeatable top range stylistic definitions.
Departing from an accurate observation of the preliminary data of the project, accurate research is carried out in the shop drawings, as well as in the 3D photorealistic displays (renderings), intended to simplify the precise comprehension and awareness of the project itself.